Amity Presbyterian is a church with activities for everyone. Some focus on fellowship, while others work on service projects. There are Bible study groups, groups that travel and groups that encourage others. There are also places to plug into the life of our worship. Find your place! We need people like you at Amity Presbyterian!

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Presbyterian Women

The Presbyterian Women's group is an active group consisting of any woman of the church who chooses to become members. This group has two circles, a Monday evening circle and a Tuesday morning circle, which meet once a month at the church. The circles have a Bible study, service projects, and good fellowship.


The Amiables

The Amity Amiables is a group which started many years ago as a fellowship of mostly young adults. Now the membership consists of those aged 50 and older. The Amiables meet on the third Saturday of the month for food, fellowship, and entertainment. The Amiables welcome those of all ages.

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Friendship Club

The Friendship Club of Amity was established to promote fellowship, learn God's word, and offer enjoyment for a vital part of the church.  The membership consists of those 55 and older and meets during the day on the fourth Thursday of each month, except November and December, when they meet on the third Thursday. They do not meet during June, July, and August. Each meeting has a time of devotion, a program, and a meal.



The Amity Seekers is a group of adult members whose purpose is to encourage Christian living, provide Christian fellowship, develop leadership for the church, support and serve Amity in mission and ministry, and seek and encourage others to unite with us in our efforts.  They have monthly activities that include providing breakfast after the Easter sunrise service, providing meals for the homeless shelter, service projects at the church, Virginia Blue Grass weekend, Knight's baseball games, and weekend trips to Myrtle Beach.


Amity Men

The Men of the Church consists of all men of Amity who get together for breakfast and fellowship the first Saturday of each month, either at the church or at a restaurant.

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Youth Group

The Youth Group of Amity consists of all youth who get together once a month, usually on Sunday evenings for fun and fellowship.  Some of their activities are at the church and some are outside the church.  Previously, their activities consisted of camping, service projects, trips, and Montreat conferences.


Craft Group

The Craft Group meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 9:30 a.m. in the library of the church. They work on church projects as well as personal crafts. All are welcome.

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Sanctuary Choir

The choir consists of Amity members who love to sing and lead in worship through music. Anyone interested in joining the choir would be most welcome. The ability to read music is greatly desired, but not a necessity.

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Bell Choir

The Bell Choir consists of Amity members who enjoy the challenge of being a "Bell Ringer" and contributing to the music worship of the church.  The ability to read music is again greatly desired; but if you can count, you can learn to play the bells, as you only need to recognized the particular bells you would play.

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Rainbow Bells

The Rainbow Bells is a choir started primarily for children, who play bells according to color, and to taped hymns.  It is easily learned and enjoyed greatly by those who participate as well as those in the congregation.